Protrakker Hydraulic Hitch

The Protrakker Hydraulic hitch is designed to easily fit onto your tractor's drawbar or three point linkage. With around half an hour’s installation onto your tractors draw bar it gives you the ability to steer your implements to precision accuracy using RTK gps corrections.

The Protrakker comes in three models which include 300, 400 and 500 drawbar horsepower models to bolt onto your tractors drawbar and a 400 horsepower 2 point linkage system that attaches to the three point linkage of your tractor.

They can be ordered ready to use with the Trimble True Tracker system and John Deere Active Implement Steering.

The Protrakker Hydraulic hitch is great for seeding and planting jobs where precision accuracy is required. Disc seeders are known to have issues where they slide back into the previous crops furrows. With GPS guidance the Protrakker can place the implement back where it’s meant to be.

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ProtrackerDual cylinders adjust to either direction in order to keep your implements from drifting away from the optimal line. You gain as much as 30cm of off-line correction in either direction to help you stay on track.