At Koch Ag Services we have built our business around the knowledge and support of the products we sell. With over ten years of experience in the industry we are comfortable in offering the best in Trimble support on the Yorke Peninsula.

Koch Ag RTK Network

An RTK network that offers rover radio or 3G corrections covering the Yorke Peninsula and southern Eyre Peninsula we can offer you repeatability and reliability.

  • Precision ag consulting and farm mapping services for contolled traffic farm setup
  • Service, repairs and upgrades of all Trimble ag GPS equipment sold by Koch Ag or any other dealer
  • Processing of yield data for variable rate application
  • Paddock planning and products for successful inter-row sowing
  • Sales and service of Trimble products into new and second hand machinery
  • Control for liquid or granular products
  • Experience in using crop sensors for reading crop biomass and adopting it to applications.
Precision Ag Consulting Paddock Planning Crop Sensors